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I am a 50-something professional male. Lately, I’ve been less focused on my work, easily agitated and distracted, and inattentive to my wife. 


Miss Elizabeth took the time to listen to my issues and concerns.  She asked questions which helped me open up about the reasons for my poor behavior.  Miss Elizabeth helped me identify things I should do to improve my attitude.  She rejected my excuses.  


I respond to both positive and negative feedback.  I find I take to heart Miss Elizabeth’s admonitions and words of encouragement heard while being soundly spanked over her knee. ~ R 2024

I had the great honor of visiting Miss Elizabeth on her visit to Chicago. Miss Elizabeth met me in the hotel lobby. We then went up to her room sat down and talk about my infraction. Then I gazed upon her instruments of pain on the side coffee table. Then just to make her smile, I brought my own ebony hairbrush.

I took my shoes and pants off, laid across her lap and she started  her heavy hand spanking. Miss Elizabeth went through all paddles, canes, two straps, plus my ebony brush and had me howling. I enjoyed my visit can’t wait to see Miss Elizabeth again. ~ K 2018

I first met Miss Elizabeth at the Crimson Moon Party. As I am sure most people are I was a little nervous before the spanking. But seriously after meeting Miss Elizabeth we sat down and talked for a little bit before the session started and I felt completely at ease. It truthfully was like I had known her forever. So after talking for a bit we got down to "business". Her hand spankings are quite something and when she picks up an implement like her favorite brush she can really set a fire on your bottom. We had a 2 hour session and time flew by, I hadn't done anything particularly wrong so we chatted and laughed throughout the spanking and had a lot of fun. But just because Miss Elizabeth may be laughing while spanking you don't think that the spanking will be light as I definitely was doing my fair share of squirming while I was across her lap. But it was such a great experience that believe it or not I ended up coming back for more the next day. We agreed that while the first spanking was hard and left me floating for the rest of the night afterwards that this time we would try and push my limits and see if she could get me to safe word. I do have quite a bit of a high pain tolerance and really have never felt the need to use my safe word before and I thought that would be the same. But I was very wrong, as Miss Elizabeth showed me quite well. I received the hardest strapping I have had yet and while I did the best I could when she brought out her rubber strap that was pretty much all she wrote. If anyone is seeking an amazing spanking experience from a woman who truly loves what she does I really cannot recommend Miss Elizabeth enough, you definitely will not leave disappointed just with a very sore bottom. ~ E

I visited Miss Elizabeth in the summer of 2016. I have been punished by about 15 professionals over several decades, and I would place Miss Elizabeth at the top of the list. The reason (besides her very firm right arm) is that she is so genuine. She is obviously into it for more than the money, which is not the case with some. We first met at a coffee shop near her home and spoke for about 15 minutes--about her expectations and mine. She was friendly but also displayed a very firm demeanor, dressed in a short black skirt, heels, and a white blouse. She is quite attractive--a middle-aged woman who keeps herself in shape by boxing! I then followed her to her home and we sessioned in her small but clean and well-arranged living room. She offered me a glass of water, then stepped out of the room and when she returned was in her "character"--we had arranged a boss-employee roleplay. She lectured me for being late several times, reminded me that I had signed a document on hiring agreeing to corporal punishment, and proceeded to bend me over the couch and spank me with a school paddle, fully clothed. She did not care for my attitude or level of contrition and sent me to the corner to think about the error of my ways. When she brought me out of the corner she lectured some more and ordered my pants down (underpants up). She put me over her knee for an effective dose of the hairbrush. Then stood me up and ordered my underpants down. When I hesitated, she jerked them down herself and promised me more for disobeying. Back over her knee I went for more with hand and hairbrush. I then was sent back to the corner and lectured some more. Then she bent me over the arm of the couch and used two straps on my bottom that really set me on fire! During this time, with the heavy strap falling, the roleplay disappeared and I became a truly repentant little boy. She read my body language and dropped the roleplay as well and spoke gently to me about how I had taken my punishment well and she was proud of me. It was a "mother-son" moment that I had craved without even knowing it. Only one other time have I felt so real with a disciplinarian. We then finished the roleplay with another dose of the school paddle, and I actually asked for 20 more with the heavy strap--the implement that had sent me into that cathartic state. After I dressed, we spoke briefly and she hugged me good-bye. All in all, a wonderful session with a wonderful woman. ~ A

My life was going well, but there were a few goals I just could not get myself motivated to meet. I finally screwed up my courage and emailed Miss Elizabeth. Her response was immediate, warm and insightful. She put my mind at ease and clearly understood the need I was trying to convey. "You need to have some focus spanked into you" she responded. Yes! Exactly. Being scolded and spanked when I fall short of the mark has forced me to take definitive steps towards the life I want to have. Previously I was spinning my wheels. With her help I was able to reach my original goals and set more. Elizabeth is more than my accountability coach she is my friend, mentor and cheerleader. Put yourself first and seek her help.   

         ~ Stephanie from Indianapolis

The spanking you gave me yesterday may not have been the most severe I have experienced, but it was certainly the most thorough and definitely the most enjoyable. I marvel at the skill and knowledge you bring to your work, and the obvious pleasure you get from it. Well worth the long drive, and I will be back (when I am in need of relearning my lesson).

Just got my very first spanking from Miss Elizabeth and it was all I had hyped it up to be in my mind. She is a very solid spanker. Being my first time I was concerned as to how much ch I could endure. She put me at ease right off the bat. Very comfortable once I was over her knee. The spanking was right where it needed to be not where I thought it would be. Now roughly two hours after I am still riding the high from it.  Can’t wait to schedule another session with her. ~ S 2019

This is my second time visiting Miss Elizabeth and let me tell you folks she is awesome! My first time visiting with her I left to go home and my phone died I didn't know how to get back home and if I didn't find my way home I would be in trouble. I told Miss Elizabeth the situation and she led me to the road I needed to get home. This second time I visited her I needed some motivation to get to the gym she spanked me with her hand, hairbrush, paddle, the dreaded bath brush, and prison strap. Let me tell you all of them hurt and sting she is not a joke. However, she is a spankees best friend,  she makes sure that you get exactly what you want and need. For those of you who even think she is weak, think again when the bath brush gets applied to your bottom or she swings that strap your bottom will be on fire trust me. She also enjoys her work very much as she spanks you hard and your bottom may be on fire she will laugh and smile as she enjoys it. Overall the experience is wonderful. She is also very discreet for those of you who work reputable public jobs such as myself and wouldn't want other people to know I enjoy being spanked. Book today with her you won't regret it. You will be all better once you get over mommy lap and the bath brush is smacking your bottom. -K

One week has passed since my last spanking from Miss Elizabeth, and my bottom shows only a faint trace from our session.  A week ago my bottom was on fire and glowing red.  Our session began with a sound hand spanking over her knee.  This was followed up with the firm application of her bath brush on my bare bottom.  I was given a short respite to regain my composure.  Next up, I was positioned on her spanking bench,  and given a hard paddling from a leather paddle and three of her wooden paddles.  BTW, Miss Elizabeth has an arsenal of spanking implements.  After a short break Miss Elizabeth suggested a twenty swat finale with a wooden paddle, ten over my undies and ten on the bare.  Miss Elizabeth was kind enough to let me select the paddle for the finale. I chose the maple paddle she had peppered my bottom with earlier.  Back on the spanking bench I went, as she commanded me to be on all fours,  my bottom positioned perfectly for her paddling pleasure.  I counted out each swat aloud.  My bottom was ablaze when I reached the count to ten and then Miss Elizabeth pulled my undies down.  The final ten swats on the bare were delivered in very deliberate fashion, increasing in intensity with each crack from her paddle.   After I grunted my count out after each swat, she kindly gave me a short moment to regain a little composure, before steadying her aim on my burning bottom and delivering the next swat harder than the last.  At the count of ten I exhaled deeply, then sighed in great relief that the spanking was finally over.  I climbed off her spanking bench,  reached behind with my hands and rubbed my hot blistered bottom trying to ease the burn.  A smiling Miss Elizabeth asked if my bottom felt hot.  I pulled my undies up and Miss Elizabeth gave me a warm hug and I thanked her for the spanking.  I put my pants back on, and I sat down gingerly on her sofa.  We chatted a little bit more about the spanking before saying goodbyes with one more warm hug.
     I have visited Miss Elizabeth several times since my first visit in January of 2017.  She is an intelligent, attractive and strong mature women who truly enjoys giving spankings.  Additionally she is very discreet and respectful of your privacy.  Miss Elizabeth has enabled me to explore my spanking fetish in a safe and sane manner.  I expect to schedule another visit with Miss Elizabeth in a few months when the craving to go over her knee returns once again.  I strongly recommend Miss Elizabeth if you are into spanking or want to explore spanking.  Miss Elizabeth is an extraordinary spanker. ~ J

It has been a week now since my visit to see Miss Elizabeth.  This was my first time visiting Miss Elizabeth and also my first time visiting a professional disciplinarian.  We met initially at a local coffee shop for a meet and greet to get to know each other.  Miss Elizabeth is an attractive mature woman exuding warmth, openness and understanding.  I was certainly nervous meeting her for the first time but in a short time of talking I felt very much at ease with her.  Of course, I was still rather anxious with regard to the spanking that was to follow.  After a nice chat for about 15 minutes she simply stated if you are comfortable following me to my home we can go back now for your session.  Taking a long deep breath and putting my nervousness aside I agreed I was ready and we went back to her home.  I had proposed a boss employee role play with her and she was very interested to enact the role play.  Of course, she was the boss and played her role with great enthusiasm.  It was not long before I was bent over and feeling the sting from one of her paddles on my backside.  Make no mistake, although Miss Elizabeth may be a little short in stature, when she slips off her high heels and swings her paddle with great enthusiasm you will definitely feel a sharp sting when her paddle makes contact with your bottom, over and over again.    Also, don’t expect when you are over her knee getting a bare bottom spanking with her hand, that it will be a patty cake affair.  Let me confirm her hand is both tough and unyielding and will put a heap of hurt on your backside.  When she decided the spanking was finished, my bottom had a warm red glow.  We talked a lit bit afterwards, said our farewells and shared a warm hug.  I will definitely return in the future once the memory of this paddling/spanking becomes a bit of a fleeting memory. ~ J


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