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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions asked of me on a regular basis, answered for you in advance.

Q:  What do I need to do when I schedule a session with Miss Elizabeth?


A:  It's always best to send a respectful email, giving pertinent information as to what kind of scenario you hope to schedule for, what date(s) and time of day you have in mind, what length of session you wish to schedule for.  Sending your cell number along with your first email is always a way to show you're sincere, so it's recommended that you include your cell number in your first correspondence.


Q:  Do I have to send a deposit?


A:  I realize that some of you prefer to not have any kind of paper/electronic trail, so you hesitate in sending Amazon e-gift cards, Venmo or PayPal.  I will NOT consider scheduling anyone I have not seen in the past for a session without a deposit. New clients are required to send a 50% deposit at the time of booking. If you are concerned about an electronic trail, you can always send cash in the mail to my PO Box. Address is shown in the following answer.

Q:  I'd like to send you a deposit, how can I do that?

A:  My preferred method of deposit is Venmo. My Venmo is @MissElizabeth-1. Amazon eGift card is still an option, but Venmo is much preferred. With Amazon, you send me the confirmation code to my email of and it generally only takes minutes to arrive. Your other options, but less preferred are PayPal (contact me for information) or either cash or an Amazon gift card through the mail. My PO Box address is Miss M.E.G., PO Box 242, Beech Grove, IN 46107. 

Click here for the Amazon e-gift card page ~~~~~>  

Q:  What may I call you when we do meet?

A:  You may call me Miss Elizabeth or Ma'am during your session and/or on the phone.  If we've negotiated a role play scenario with other names or titles, that will hold true for the role play itself (Mommy, Auntie, etc).  However, if we're meeting in public because it's your first time coming to see me, you will call me Elizabeth so as to not draw undue attention our way from anyone who overhears our conversation.

Q:  I'd like to send you a gift, where can I send it to?  Do you have some favorite gift items?

A:  If you're sending an Amazon e-gift card, please send it to my email (shown above), if it's something that you're shipping, please send it to my PO Box, also listed in the above answer.  I do have an Amazon Wish list, which should help with ideas.  

You can find my wish list here~~~~~>   



Regarding favorites, I love the color turquoise or teal (cardigans, dresses, sandals), I love dark chocolate (88% but no higher), Hungarian palinka (which isn't easily found in my area) and gift cards are always welcome and appreciated.  I have a love for Bath & Body Works lotions that are hard to find..."Aspen Caramel Woods" and "Peach & Honey Almond" body creams are my all time favorites!  More easily found "Strawberry Poundcake" is another scent I love.  As far as equipment, I would welcome a nicely made, easily hidden, spanking bench.  My birthday is April 3rd, in case you wish to send me a birthday gift.

Q:  When I schedule a session to see you, where will we meet?

A:  I typically met new people in public as a safety check for us both, prior to the Covid pandemic. Since we're all still dealing with the pandemic, I have changed my protocol for first time meetings. Typically, I will suggest we have a phone conversation prior to your appointment time, often before you even schedule with me. This way we can chat a bit and get to know one another by phone. This often helps with those who are a bit nervous meeting with me for the first time and it helps to take away those meeting jitters.

Q:   How will you confirm our scheduled appointment?

A:   I will require your cell phone number at the time you schedule an appointment with me. I will text you a confirmation approximately 2 hours prior to our meeting time. You MUST reply via text, or have made arrangements to email me the morning of our appointment. If I do not hear from you to confirm the appointment, you have lost your deposit and you have effectively given me a last minute cancellation. A last minute cancellation means you will not be considered as a future client unless you pay for the missed appointment IN FULL, in advance of my considering scheduling you again. Any future appointments agreed to will also need to be paid IN FULL, IN ADVANCE.

Q:  Do you have a Dungeon in your home?

A:  No, I do not.  I mainly see those interested in a domestic setting, and that's exactly what my home provides. Should you require a dungeon setting, I do have rental space that is available to me, but I always require a 50% deposit on the session and rental space to reserve it.

Q  When I see you, I want you to spank me very heavily.  But, I may need to be restrained to hold me still.  Can you tie me down to a bench?

A:  I do not have a spanking bench currently, however, I can restrain you.  When over my knee, I have a very strong leg lock.  If you need extra restraints, I always welcome you bringing your own restraint equipment for me to use on you. **Edit, my hip is healing and I'm willing to do a leglock, but will not do so if you struggle excessively where my hip can be injured.**


Q:  Will I have a safe word?


A:  We will negotiate what you need during your session, and if you wish to have a safe word, that's what you'll have.  If you're new to the spanking scene, I always recommend you having the option of a safe word.  However, if we've been seeing one another for some time and you come to me for actual Corporal Punishment, you will not have a safe word.  A safe word is something to be used during a session where someone wants me to push them to their limit on an experimental basis, or for those uncertain of just how far they can go on any given day.

Q:   Do you spank hard or do you spank lightly?

A:   I spank according to your needs.  If you need a light spanking with nothing but redness, I will happily do exactly that.  If you need a very heavy spanking for misdeeds or behavior modification, I can do that as well.  I can spank heavily and for long period of time, if that's needed.  But, the most important thing to know is that I will spank you in the manner and with the intensity that is deemed necessary by you.

Q:  It's the day of my session, is there anything I need to do before I meet you?

A:  You need to make certain you follow good hygiene.  This means that you need to be freshly showered and wearing clean clothes which means clean underwear.  Apply deodorant, comb your hair and make yourself presentable.  Do not dress in a manner that draws undue attention to you.  Remember, you're coming to my home and  I want you to look respectable coming to my door.  Keep in mind, I will be baring your bottom and I don't want you to smell as if you've not showered for a week.  If you don't follow these rules, you will likely be sent to the shower during your session time to freshen up before I will move forward with your spanking.

Q:  I scheduled a session with you and you were kind enough to schedule without a deposit.  But, I never contacted you back via email to further confirm and did not respond to your text message the day of our appointment to confirm our meeting.  I'm interested in scheduling again with you and I'd like to know if I'm in trouble for no-showing on you?

A:  If you were a no-reply/no-show, the only way to become a client in good standing is to take care of the time you had reserved and this needs to be done PRIOR to my considering scheduling you ever again. If you had scheduled a 2 hour session with me, without a deposit, you owe a tribute of $400.00 to bring yourself into a good status with me. I've set that time aside for you, and now you've cost me the ability to see another client during that time. Time wasters are the lowest of the low, and while I do understand that "things come up", I expect to have my time respected, just as you'd wish for yourself. If things changed with your schedule, you needed to make me aware of it, and you didn't give me the courtesy of a cancellation/reschedule. Once you make good on your no-reply/no-show I will expect a 50% deposit from you to secure my time in the future, considering your history.

Q:  I heard that you're starting to shoot your own video content. Is there a chance I could be in one of your videos?  When are you planning to launch your video site?

A:  Yes, I am shooting my own video content. We could certainly discuss your interest in being in one of my videos. Please note that I will require you sign a model release to be one of my videos. I have launched my video Clip Store at clips4sale as of September 2018. You can see my content offerings, and buy videos here: 

You can also find my videos on LoyalFans here:   


Q:   Do you shoot custom videos?

A:  Yes, I am happy to shoot custom videos! If you're requesting a custom video, please contact me at with a general scenario, length of video and model and/or models you would like in the video. Only then can I get you a quote for a custom video. Please do not email me at my "Miss Elizabeth" email address for these custom video requests. 

Q:  Can I request you wear certain attire?


A:  That depends on the scenario we are creating for your session. If you want a Teacher/student scene, I will certainly dress like a teacher.  If you want a Mommy/son/daughter scene, I will dress more like a (well dressed) mother.  


Q:  So, if I request you wear lingerie, you'll do that?


A:  Absolutely not! I will always be fully clothed during our sessions. I will not wear lingerie for any session.


Q:  I have a pantyhose/stocking fetish, will you wear those during a session for me?


A:  I will wear pantyhose or stockings for a session if that's been discussed prior to your session. I will point out that, while I do enjoy a scene with leg and foot worship, you will be directed as to exactly how high on my leg you're allowed to touch. Any pushing of this limit set by me will end your session immediately due to your inability to follow instructions.


Q:  I have a foot fetish and would love to worship and massage your beautiful feet.  May I do that during a session with you?


A:  Yes, I love a good foot massage and enjoy having my beautiful feet rubbed, kissed and worshiped.

Q:  Do you offer massage?

A:  No, you need to find a masseuse for that. 

Q:  I'm interested in enemas, will you give them to me?

A:  No, absolutely not. I do not engage in any bathroom play; no enemas, no GS, nothing of the sort.

Q:  I like to wear diapers and/or identify as ABDL, will you change my diaper?

A:  While I do a lot of diapering in video, I am going to explain my limits regarding diapers here...I will NOT change a soiled diaper. If you wish to bring a diaper to your session and want me to put you into a diaper, I will do that.  However, I will not allow you to soil your diaper during your session or in my home. Should it become apparent that you have soiled your diaper, your session will end immediately and I will show you the door. So, if you wish to be diapered and you're willing to control your bladder and bowels, then yes, I will diaper you. If you refuse to control your bodily functions, it's best you look elsewhere for someone who will deal with your dirty diaper.


Q:  I find sessions very exciting and arousing, may I have a supervised release during our session?


A:  I will only allow a supervised release when it has been negotiated prior to the start of your session. I will point out the are responsible for the release, I will not help, touch or engage in any way other than by talking to you. You must keep everything clean. If you make a mess on my floor you will be required to not only lick it clean but you will be here with stain remover cleaning up until I'm satisfied. You will NOT be allowed to release on me, not my feet, legs...not anywhere other than into the towel you're given by me, or better yet, a towel that you have brought along for your own use.


Q:  Sometimes when I'm otk being spanked I get very aroused. I find this embarrassing and am concerned you find this disrespectful.  Do I need to be worried about this?


A:  Many people become aroused during an otk spanking, so no need to worry that you're alone in this. I will always have a towel handy to lay across my lap if you're inclined to drip or get excessively wet so as to not get stains on my skirt.


Q:  Since I get aroused during an otk spanking, could you lift your skirt and allow me to put my penis between your thighs while you spank me?


A:  Absolutely NOT!!!  THIS is the type of question I find disrespectful and that is exactly why it's here on the FAQs page.  I don't want anyone else to ask me this question in an email, over the phone or in person.  Just don't.

Q:  I've been interested in pegging, will you peg me?

A:  No...NO...NO!!!  I will not provide any type of service that includes penetration at all.  I am NOT an escort, nor a prostitute.  My services do NOT include an offer for sex.  Period.

Q:  Do you offer outcall to hotels?

A:  While I have in the past, I've decided to only offer this on an individual, case by case basis. I will not consider downtown Indianapolis hotels nor will I consider distances that are more than a 30 minute drive from my home.

Q:  Can I contact you directly through your website?

A:  Yes, you can email me using this easy contact link.  Make certain you put YOUR email in the box requesting an email address, otherwise I won't be able to reply to your message.


Thanks! Message sent.

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