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Brat Meets Bathbrush ~ starring Cassidy Lau

Cassy hadn't met Miss Elizabeth in person until this very day, but that had not prevented her from bratting Miss Elizabeth on social media. Cassy had said any number of things on Twitter about Miss Elizabeth's "arm", and how she "couldn't beat a drum". Though Cassy apparently thought she was being funny, it wasn't something that Miss Elizabeth was going to take lightly, letting Cassy know to no uncertain terms that her poking fun in that manner was nothing short of insulthing someone's ability, namely Miss Elizabeth's. Cassy was taught a lesson, with a real, sound and solid over the knee bathbrush spanking. Cassy learned the hard way that Miss Elizabeth can most assuredly beat a drum, as well as her, now very sore, bottom.

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Rachel Requests Discipline from Mom ~ with Rachel Adams

Rachel nervously decides to talk to Mom Elizabeth, bathbrush in hand, to confess that she's not been doing well at school or in her studies. She also confesses that she just hasn't been able to focus properly and has been spending too much time with her friends. The reason for the bathbrush is because she is about to request a bathbrush spanking from Mom. Rachel explains that Mom Elizabeth always had a way of getting her back on track all during her growing up years, and, since she dreaded the bathbrush the most, she felt it would be the best tool to get her back on track now.

Elizabeth takes her remorseful daughter across her lap to give her a solid spanking to get her back on course and focused on her studies. A few swats with Mom's bare hand gets a reaction from Rachel, but nothing in comparison to her response to the bathbrush!

Mom scolds and talks to her daughter in a maternal, caring manner. While she appreciates that Rachel came to her for discipline, Elizabeth also knows that to make the changes necessary, the bathbrush spanking is going to hurt. Rachel howls in pain, has tears streaming down her face and snot dripping from her nose. Her bottom is on fire by the time Mom's well placed bathbrush swats are complete.

Once the spanking is over, Elizabeth rubs lotion over her daughter's sore, red bottom to help ease some of the discomfort. Once the lotion soaks in and Rachel's sobbing has subsided, Mom has her sit next to her, giving her daughter a hug and further words of encouragement and comfort.

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Ariel Gets the Fakanál (wooden spoon) ~ with Ariel Summer

Ariel has been cutting class to do her homework during school rather than taking care of homework at home after school, thinking that Mom Elizabeth has no idea about this. Much to Ariel's dismay, the school has called Elizabeth to ask about Ariel's numerous absences for dentist and doctor appointments. Elizabeth comes to find out that, not only has Ariel been cutting class, but she's been writing notes and forging Elizabeth's signature! Elizabeth decides that a spanking is in order to punish for not only cutting class, but forging her signature repeatedly. As well as a hand spanking on her tiny bare bottom, Ariel learns a lesson about not giggling at the Hungarian name for a wooden spoon, as it's liberally applied to her already sore bottom. Having been born and raised into a Hungarian home, Elizabeth explains how she learned to not laugh at the word, "fakanál", no matter how funny it sounded. Though the name may be funny, the pain it inflicts is intense and memorable. Ariel gets the fakanál and learns a lesson about the repercussions for cutting class and forging Mom's signature...and she won't be giggling about that funny word anytime soon.

See full clip & video available here ~
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