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Rachel's Tears Slippered by Mom ~ with Rachel Adams

Elizabeth had arranged a job interview for daughter Rachel. Rachel didn’t know that the interview was with her mother’s best friend’s husband’s business, and Rachel blew off going to the interview. Elizabeth finds out about this before her daughter gets home and asks Rachel how her interview went. Rachel acts as if she went to the interview, telling her mother lies as to how well she did during it! Mom Elizabeth is very upset with her daughter not only skipping out on the interview, but also lying about it! Elizabeth tells her very naughty daughter that she’s in for a spanking!

Rachel is taken over her capable mother’s lap for a spanking first over her skirt, then over her pantyhose. When it’s time for the pantyhose to come down, Elizabeth has her daughter stand up and she then peels them down over her daughter’s panties and legs, and it’s over the lap again for Rachel! Her spanking continues, with Mom’s very sturdy hand, over her panties and then, soon, on the bare bottom! Rachel is finding her mother’s hand spanking painful enough, but Elizabeth decides to use her own slipper to further spank her lying and unappreciative daughter! Though the slipper isn’t very loud when it comes to being used for a spanking, that rubber sole certainly does sting! Rachel’s tears are flowing, and the snot is running out of her nose, during this solid slippering! And, not only does Elizabeth apply the slipper with gusto, but she also uses her hand on Rachel’s upper thighs, bringing out a very strong reaction from her daughter, howling & tears flowing.

Rachel learns her lessons about skipping out on interviews and lying to her mother. She’s sent to her room to clean up and get ready to make phone calls to apologize for her inexcusable behavior.

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Sarah's Mancave Mishap ~ with Sarah Gregory

Sarah has decided to venture into her father’s mancave, which is strictly forbidden. His mancave is expressly off-limits, but she chooses to go in anyway, looking through his collection of men’s magazines. Mom Elizabeth catches her in the act, scolding her thoroughly, and taking her naughty daughter over her knee. Sarah explains to her mother that she wants to be a model for men’s magazines, to which Elizabeth puts her foot down and lets her daughter know that this is out of the question. Elizabeth takes Sarah over her knee and hand spanks her defiant daughter over her tight leggings. When the leggings come down, she is spanked over her panties. Once Mom Elizabeth decides that the panties are coming down, she has her bratty daughter get up from her knee and undress…completely! Sarah wants to pose naked in men’s magazines, so Mom is going to humiliate her daughter by forcing her to show how she plans on posing for her photo shoots. Sarah is embarrassed, but does as her mother says, even though she’s rather shy about it…until Elizabeth pushes further, and Sarah shows how she plans on spreading her legs for the camera, showing off her pussy.

Elizabeth continues Sarah’s spanking, over the knee, with Sarah naked and legs spread. She then decides that Sarah needs more than merely a hand spanking, and has her daughter get her flip flop, and ask her mother to spank her with it. The sting of the flip flop slipper is much greater than that of Mom’s hand, getting her point across much more thoroughly. Sarah is contrite, but not enough for her mother’s liking, so the spanking continues until Elizabeth sees fit to bring it to an end. Sarah has been embarrassed and humiliated, being forced to disrobe for her mother, and is sent to her room with the understanding that she’ll be apologizing to her father once he gets home.

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Naughty Nuna Gets the Belt from Mom ~ with Nuna Starks

Nuna’s attitude has been at its worst lately, not only with Mom Elizabeth, but with her dad as well. Nuna had gotten on her father’s last nerve, but he went to Elizabeth rather than take disciplining his daughter into his own hands. Since Nuna’s been terribly bratty and full of attitude, Mom Elizabeth takes her naughty daughter over her knee for a very long hand spanking, first over her short shorts, then over her white panties and finally on the bare bottom. But, just as Elizabeth explained to Nuna, the hand spanking isn’t the extent of her punishment. Mom is going to take the belt to her daughter as a nervous Nuna lays on the sofa for her punishment. Nuna soon learns that not only can Mom deliver a sound spanking over her knee, but she can certainly swing a belt with accuracy and force. Nuna’s change in attitude will be a welcome addition to this family moving forward.

See full clip & video available here ~
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