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Scheduling a Session with Miss Elizabeth


Things to know when scheduling a session:


Email is the most effective way to contact me. I have a busy personal life in the vanilla world as well as I assist my husband with vehicle delivery on a regular basis. I am not readily available for the phone, but I will consider phone conversations with those who are potential new clients. I no longer publish my phone number as I had too many time wasters contacting me via text. You will have 10 minutes of my phone time, tops, so be prepared with your questions and have an idea as to when you wish to schedule.  Keep in mind I will not allow you to carry on, taking 20 minutes of my time, telling me all about your fantasies.  


For lengthier scenarios you may wish to inquire about, send me an email and tell me what you are looking for.  Be concise, keeping in mind that I receive dozens of emails weekly and if you send a very lengthy read, it is unlikely that I can get to it quickly.  If your scenario is something I find interesting, I will let you know and we will make arrangements for your session.  Again, keep in mind that I will not go on endlessly with email exchanges.  If after several exchanges I find you have no inclination to schedule, I will stop corresponding with you.  I do not tolerate those who waste my time.


When you wish to schedule as a New Client, I expect a 50% deposit sent at the time of booking. My preference is Venmo, @MissElizabeth-1. This deposit is non-refundable for anyone who No Shows or cancels last minute.  You may use it to secure another date and time, should you need to reschedule your session with me no later than 24 hours advance notice of your currently scheduled session appointment time. I will no longer consider scheduling any New Client, or anyone who has not been a client in good standing (someone who has No Showed in the past) without a 50% deposit. As I said, I do not tolerate those who waste my time, nor should I be expected to.

I am now offering incall Monday through Sunday.  I will consider outcall on a case by case basis. Outcall needs to be discussed prior to any appointments being made. Incall is ALWAYS preferred. Sponsored trips will be considered but

session length minimums will be required.

VENMO @MissElizabeth-1 for deposits

A note regarding the "memo" area on Venmo. Do NOT make note of anything referencing a "session" or "reimbursement" as they then charge me a fee. Please write something like "happy birthday", "gift", "thank you", "surprise", etc. 


                                     Other option for gifts ~~~



In call Tribute Rates:



 $300.00 ~  one hour(one hour minimum)

$400.00  ~  90 minutes 

$500.00  ~  two hours

$600.00  ~  three hours

You will only be scheduled once a 50% deposit is received, no deposit, no booking

To schedule, contact me via email: 

Phone:  Only provided once contact is made via email

Follow me on Twitter:  

Mailing address:

Miss M. E. G.

PO Box 242

Beech Grove, IN  46107

ATTENTION!!! You do NOT have my consent to carry concealed in my home or in my presence. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE!!! Leave it in your vehicle.

Services Offered

Have you been a Naughty Boy or Girl?  Are you in need of a solid, over the knee, Disciplinary Spanking?  Or, perhaps you need a lighter "funishment" spanking to help relieve stress?  I will gladly take you in whichever spanking direction you need, to get you the spanking you deserve and desire.


I am an intelligent, articulate and mature Domestic Disciplinarian, offering professional Spanking Sessions for discerning spanko bottoms.  I am adept at, and very much enjoy, role play incorporated into spankings.  Whether you require heavy Corporal Punishment for having been horribly bad, or if you need a loosely structured, stress relief spanking, it is My lap you need to be across.  Should you have taboo Mommy/boy, Auntie/nephew, Teacher/student, etc., spanking scenes you wish to explore, I will gladly take you there.  I have a strong hand and arm for bare handed, bare bottomed spankings as well as a lovely assortment of belts for strapping, many beautifully made wooden and leather paddles as well as substantial number of canes for all levels of Discipline.


Though I primarily focus on Spanking Sessions, I do offer additional services, such as indulging those who wish to worship my muscular legs and beautiful feet.  I will gladly see men, women and couples for sessions of all kinds.


Services Offered, but not limited to:


  • Ballbusting

  • Bastinado

  • Belt Strapping

  • Caning

  • Cathartic Crying

  • Collar and Leash

  • Corporal Punishment

  • Cross Dressing(you provide clothing/wig/make up)

  • Face Slapping

  • Flogging

  • Food Play(you must do all the clean up and provide tarps)

  • Foot Worship

  • Humiliation

  • Impact Play

  • Leg Worship

  • Mouth soaping

  • Paddling

  • Riding Crop

  • Role Play

  • Rough Body Play

  • Sensory Deprivation

  • Spanking, OTK or arm chair

  • Spitting

  • Tickle Torture(giving only)


I am open to discussing other activities not listed above, but keep in mind I am NOT an escort nor a prostitute.  The services I offer do NOT include or imply any offers for sex.  I will remain dressed during your sessions and you will be in the appropriate state of undress necessary to accomplish what we have set out to do during your session.



My hard limits include but may not be limited to:


No urine, No feces, No enemas, No knife/gun play, No cutting, No needles, No blood play, NO strap-on play, pegging or anything that constitutes penetration of any kind, No oral servitude. And, NO, I will NOT change your DIRTY diapers, should you wish to indulge in ABDL play.  I will repeat here...NO PEGGING/Strap-on play. PERIOD.  Don't even ask.



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